Heroes vs Villains

Whether your hero or villain is from the pages of a comic book, or inspired by real characters, get dressed up and turn out for the good versus evil showdown!

Friday 11th March
Movie World, Gold Coast
Theme: Heroes vs Villains!

FBAA Gala Dinner will bring together more than 500 guests for a “Heroes versus Villains” party.

As we hold the Gala Dinner at Movie World on the Gold Coast, we thought it was appropriate for you to come dressed as caped crusaders, masked madmen (or women) and spandex-wearing superheroes. Have a sense of humour? Surprise us with your best interpretation of the theme. This will be the “Heroes vs Villains” showdown you won’t want to miss.

Calling all heroes and villains.
It’s time to show up for the showdown!